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IF Civitan Officers & Board Members

2022-2023 Civitan Officers


President - Michael Smart

President-Elect - Na'Cole Beale

Secretary - Katie Gasser

Treasurer - Lara Adrian
Deputy Treasurer - David Roth

Board of Directors

   Tanner Gleave

   Veronica Owen 

   Irene Jones

   Andrea Rodgers

   Kris Meek 

   Micheal Maloney

   Laura Jones 

   Danielle Steiner



Dear Current, Past, and Future Civitan Members, 

Civitans continue to be one of the most important and highly needed organizations than ever before. With the continued impacts that we each have experienced from the pandemic of 2020 and the ongoing challenges that we are seeing in our world, we need Civitans more than ever. Throughout the challenges experienced over the last several years, Civitans have continued to make a difference in our communities and have diligently strived to serve. Civitans continue to make endearing and lasting friendships with a host of people throughout our communities and our world.

As the current President of the Civitan Club of Idaho Falls, I make a promise to you that I will continue to promote all that is Civitan and will do what it takes to ensure our club is not only successful, but experiences growth and longevity. I also promise to do all that I can to ensure much of the great aspects and characteristics of our club are reenergized and reinstated. I believe that by reinstating many of the things that were impacted by the pandemic, we will bring back a new level of fun and excitement to Civitans and further demonstrate how capable and wonderful our club and its members are to all that meet us.

Civitan Club of Idaho Falls is full of wonderful, loving people who dedicate their time and efforts to better our communities and demonstrate their love for all, especially for those with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. I am dedicated to ensuring we do all we can to continue making a difference in our community and in our world.

If you ask yourself, “Why should I join Civitans? Or Why should I think about Re-Joining Civitans Again?” I would say, Because Civitan Club of Idaho Falls is one of the funnest clubs, filled with the greatest people, and comprised of individuals who WANT to get out and make a difference! We continue to maintain a strong WORK ETHIC! We are DRIVEN! We are DEDICATED to those with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities—both at the local level and through the Civitan International Research Center on the University of Alabama at Birmingham Campus.

Are you ready to be part of the change our world needs? Then, JOIN Civitans!

Michael R Smart
Civitan Club of Idaho Falls President 2022-2023

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