IF Civitan Officers & Board Members

2021-2022 Civitan Officers


President - Michelle Ziel-Dingman

President Elect - Catherine Smith

Secretary - Lori Priest

Treasurer - Laura Jones
Deputy Treasurer - Lara Adrian 

Past President - Kasi Clark-Nelson


Board of Directors

Judy Matz

Nate Matlack

John Orose

Carole Walters
Tanner Gleave
Veronica Owen
Sarah Taylor
Irene Jones


Communications & Online

Michelle Ziel-Dingman
Newsletter & Web


Dear Current, Past, and Future Civitan Members, 

Civitans are more important, relevant, and needed now than ever in modern history. 2020 presented unimaginable challenges for our world and through it all, Civitans continued helping our communities, strengthening friendships, and serving those in need. 

As President of the Civitan Club of Idaho Falls, I promise you fearlessness, innovation during changing times, and a never-ending commitment to making our club stronger and our community a better place for all but especially those with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities who have faced significant challenges since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Why join us? Why RE-JOIN us? What makes our club unique is our WORK ETHIC, our DRIVE, our DEDICATION to those with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, and our unmatched LEVEL OF COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT

Want to change the world? Start with Civitans. 



Michelle Ziel-Dingman
Civitan Club of Idaho Falls President 2021-2022